Yamamoto Kyoko

Latin jazz vocalist
Birthplace: Ishikawa
Date of Birth: July 12, 1967
Star sign: Cancer
Yamamoto KyokoShe started to learn the basics of piano from early childhood and began her music career while she was a student at Senshu University.
She took first place in the vocal section at the tenth annual Asakusa jazz contest and as a culture mission of Taito Ward she participated in Manley jazz Festival in sister city Manley, Australia.
She started to take lessons from SEMBA KIYOHIKO, an expert in traditional Japanese music and also a percussionist. After taking part in many sessions, she became a member of ‘ORQUESTA DEL SOL.’

In 1996 she started her solo career after resigning from the group. Since then she has performed with her own bands ‘LOCA ALEGRIA’ and ‘G-Minor.’ Her voice can also be heard in TV commercials.
Besides from performing as a solo artist with her own piano or with small bands she also performs with big bands including ‘BLUE COATES,’ ‘NOCHE CUBANA,’ which are proud bands representing Japan. Singing mainly in Spanish, she also pleases her audience with various other languages including English, Japanese, Portuguese and French with her power of expression and rhythm. Her singing has a good reputation for being dynamic yet delicate and emotional.
She has released her first solo album ‘LOCA ALEGRIA,’ and her second album ‘TITILEO.’ She has also taken part in many recordings with other artists.

1998 : Gave six concerts in four cities as part of a Philippine concert tour ‘YAMAMOTO KYOKO / TATSUMAKI (tornado)’ sponsored by Pink Tank, an NGO. She had a successful intercultural exchange.

2003 : Sang at the concert for the preview of ‘Frida,’ a movie about a Mexican paintress, and received a great admiration from Salma Hayek, the actress who starred as Frida in the movie.

2004 : Released a new maxi-single ‘KAGAYAKI’ in September, and later in autumn took part as a member of a goodwill envoy in the commemorative concert for the 75th anniversary of Japan-Cuba economic exchange. A favorable review was received.

2005 : Participated in the French Revolution commemorative festival held in the Caribbean island of Martinique as a member of ‘TUMBA CREOLE.’

2006, 2007 : Sang an a cappella solo at the entrance ceremony of her old school Senshu University, held in Nippon Budokan, the home of Japanese martial art.

She continues to perform in jazz festivals and concerts with her own groups, being a devoted performer with great ambitions for her music career.
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Yamamoto Kyoko Yamamoto Kyoko Yamamoto Kyoko Yamamoto Kyoko
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Sari Gelin : Azerbaijan song
  Yamamoto Kyoko fut. Dilala Sato

35th Japanese jazz vocal prize
Top prize Winning a prize (Jan 2020)
Keystone Club Tokyo (Jul. 2019)
I concentrate on you
Keystone Club Tokyo (Jul. 2019)
Dicen que la abeja Musashi se murio
 Record song of third album ‘KYOKO’

 Record song of second album ‘TITILEO’
Bésame mucho
 Record song of third album ‘KYOKO’
Como fue
2018 year June Cuba.
El dia que me quieras
2018 year June Cuba.
 Record song of first album ‘LOCA ALEGRIA’
Blanca nieve
 Record song of first album ‘LOCA ALEGRIA’
Cucurrucucu Paloma
 Record song of third album ‘KYOKO’
Dime que me quieres
 Record song of second album ‘TITILEO’
 Record song of third album ‘KYOKO’
Romeo Y Julieta
 Record song of third album ‘KYOKO’
 maxi-single ‘KAGAYAKI’
 Yamamoto Kyoko's original song
4th. Album "KYOKO"
 Singer activity 20th anniversary commemoration
African flower
 Record song of second album ‘TITILEO’
 Yamamoto Kyoko's original song

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